Let Me Event is a university project realized on Shopify in which I partecipated together with two students, working in close contact with one of them.
The main goal of the website we planned is to promote events by stipulating agreements with hotels and museums.

I helped take care of the graphics and video editing, with a focus on the section relating to hospitality. The aim was to setting up an alternative platform to Booking.com, which would guarantee greater earnings for hoteliers.

Client Name

University Project

Release Date

8 Giugno 2020

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Positano promenad view marked Let Me Event

Since the first days of the explosion of the Covid-19 emergency, OTAs have not helped Italian hoteliers in that dramatic historical moment.
Indeed, Booking and Expedia hold an oligarchy regime in the world of bookings as the absolute leaders of the online travel market in Europe.

It's for this reason that Let Me Event offers customers an alternative route to that of multinationals. The potential guest interested in an event is channeled into the official website of the hotelier, guaranteeing him a fixed discount of 15%.
Whenever the customer wants to participate in one of the events promoted on the site, he just needs to book through Let Me Event.
How? Directly on the official website of the partner hotel by writing the code LETME20 in the "Special requests" section.
This way, the potential costumer would take advantage of the exclusive 15% discount calculated on the price of the stay. Even though, the offer is valid only during the event period.

In editing the promotional video, we used Wondershare Filmora 9, drawing inspiration from some advertisements. For istance, from Maserati (which is one of my favorite brands), Monastero Santa Rosa, Aman Venice Hotel and others related to fairs and events that I found on Youtube.

Edmondo De Amicis quote about Italy beautiness

The project was a success: the teacher really enjoyed the website, but he suggested that it would be laborious to count the entrances in the Hotels in order to calculate the revenue. In addition, he told that we should continue to develop the project, finding new solutions to make the platform more profitable.

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