FlexyGrid is a 100% Italian startup that wants to revolutionize, with the help of disruptive technologies, the use of energy in smart energy communities and industries.
This project was assigned to me by TechBricks, the Venture Studio I work for.

FlexyGrid creates and manages Renewable Energy Communities in all steps, leading at best the transactions of production, consumption and accumulation with economic benefit of all actors of the energy system, including residential users, industrial and electric mobility ⚡

My duty was to develop the website on BrizyCloud. Also I was involved in the Marketing Promotion via social media, mail marketing and offline advertising.

In 2023, I created also some Landing Pages, launched with Meta & Google Ads campaigns targeting individuals, SMEs and local or regional authorities.

➡️ Landing page Comunità Energetiche Rinnovabili (SMEs)
➡️ Landing Page Preventivo impianto fotovoltaico (Individuals, SMEs and authorities)
➡️ Landing page Fotovoltaico aziende (Medium to large companies)

You can see FlexyGrid website here!

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8 Febbraio 2023

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Webdesign & Marketing

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